"Forrest Gump," "Rain Man" + 13 More Movies Based on Mormons' Lives

17 Miracles

Growing up, members of the Church frequently hear about the suffering and sacrifice of the Willie Handcart Company. But what about the miracles these Latter-day Saints experienced?

Though nearly 250 of the 900 pioneers who set out with the Martin and Willie Handcart Companies died along the trail due to starvation, bitter cold, and exhaustion, many miracles went into the rescuing of these Latter-day Saints. In fact, a rescue team found the Willie Handcart Company in the middle of a blizzard the day after the pioneers had run out of food.

Director T.C. Christensen explores these incredible stories in his film 17 Miracles, which depicts a daughter left for dead in a shallow grave being brought back to life, a mysterious man approaching the ravaged pioneers and revealing a cave with a stash of dried meat, and many other miracles based on true pioneer testimonies.

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