"God Is There": OUR Founder Tim Ballard Answers How He Finds Angels, God While Helping Child Victims of Human Trafficking

"People ask me often, 'How do you go nose-to-nose with traffickers and buy and sell children? How do you do that and not just become darkened yourself?'" Operation Underground Railroad founder Tim Ballard said.

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While it's true Ballard, a former CIA agent, regularly descends into the darkest pits of humanity while rescuing children from the unspeakable crimes of human trafficking, he doesn't become "darkened" like some might expect. In fact, he shared on The Glenn Beck Podcast that he feels closer to God in those moments.  

"Those are some of the lightest moments, those are some of the most brilliant moments of my life." Ballard shared about his rescue efforts. 

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But for a long time, Ballard says he never shared that answer with anyone because he worried it would seem "foolish or crazy or immoral."

However, it wasn't until he heard someone talking about the doctrine of angels that he said he began to realize why he felt the way he did when so many, including his own operatives, wondered where God could be in what they witnessed.

"It hit me like a ton of bricks. . . God is there. The angels are with these children," Ballard shares. "The closer I get to the darkest place, especially where the kids are, I witness angels there." 

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There are daysBallard admits he wonders if he can keep doing what he does, saving children from the horrors and suffering of human trafficking. And there are times he literally throws up after talking with traffickers, but he also knows that there is a God and that God is actively working to help His children, no matter where they are. 

"When I'm close to the darkest things, that's what I've been feeling. That's the light. God is there," he says. 

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Lead image from Operation Underground Railroad, retrieved from the Deseret News

In 2012, Timothy Ballard encounters a grieving father in Haiti whose three-year-old son has been kidnapped and sold into slavery, along with thousands of children who were orphaned after an earthquake devastated the country. Inspired by Harriet Jacobs, Tim pledges to track down the missing child and leaves his job at the Department of Homeland Security to establish Operation Underground Railroad. This foundation infiltrates black markets in human trafficking, liberates victims, and provides a comprehensive aftercare process involving justice and rehabilitation for survivors.

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