"Heaven on Earth"—Latter-day Saint Pianist Creates Music to Bring Peace to Your Soul

Latter-day Saint composer and musician Jerald Simon knows the importance of finding peace, connection, and calm even in a pain-filled and busy world. That's what has driven him to create "Heaven on Earth," "Tranquility," and other music videos designed to bring peace into others' lives.

"As I composed these piano pieces, I felt a calming, gentle feeling while at the piano and hope they help others feel comfort and peace our fast-paced society," Simon says.

Simon himself used music as a way to communicate and express himself after an 80-foot fall erased his memory of the first years of his life.

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The suffering and healing that resulted from that fall 30 years ago has continued to shape Jerald’s life. “It changed the way I see the world,” Jerald says. “When we fall down, we get back up. . . . not just physically, but if I fall down mentally or emotionally or if I fall down spiritually. For me, I know I can always get back up. It may not be easy, but with the help of my Heavenly Father, I can always get back up. Whatever it is. And that for me is the greatest strength, the greatest perspective that I could have gained—being able to focus not on the problems of the past or the present but having faith in the future. Faith in myself. Faith in others.”

Jerald believes he survived his fall because there is still something Heavenly Father needs him to do. “I think I've been strengthened because of this fall, and it's my hope that I can try to strengthen others when they have fallen because we all strengthen each other,” he says. “We are at various times and stages in our lives the angels that our Father in Heaven sends to help each other.” 

This desire to strengthen others has led Jerald to his current musical career, in which he creates uplifting and calming hymn arrangements to soothe others who might be suffering. 

Listen to more of his music below:

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