"I just had to come" - on the plane to Haiti

Just 16 days ago I was doing the most normal day-to-day chores in our home in Virginia. We were reluctant to take down the Christmas decorations—our tree was still supple and green, our 67 nativities were still set up in various places around the house. Many days in January have been colder than normal and we just couldn’t bring ourselves to take the cheeriness of the season from our home. I had no idea what was coming.

I hadn’t paid much attention to the news on Tuesday afternoon, January 12—I was just too busy. Besides, I would be putting up the news on Meridian early the next morning. At 3:45 Wednesday morning I arose to gather the news and post it on Meridian. I always begin my day with my devotions and personal prayers. I asked the Lord to direct my path in the news, to find the right stories that were most important to our readers. My first step each morning is to check the wires, see what is coming through and what I need to follow. I got on the AP wire first and all I could see was stories of the earthquake in Haiti. My heart was melted and I started to cry for the people in Haiti and for their tremendous loss. I hadn’t read through the first full story when I felt the distinct impression from the Spirit: “You need to go to Haiti. A way will be opened.” I have learned to trust those promptings.

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