'Inconvenient' service

As a young man lies on an emergency room bed at 4 a.m., he knows he needs a priesthood blessing for what he believes is a gallstone attack. A friend's name passes through the young man's mind — someone who has given him a blessing before, someone he knows will answer.

Even so, the young man hesitates to call — the friend and his wife have a 4-month-old baby boy. He doesn't dare inconvenience his friend by waking up the boy.

After several unsuccessful calls to others, the first friend's name returns in the young man's mind even stronger than before. With all other options now exhausted, he calls this friend, who answers and arrives at the hospital quickly.

As the two visit after the blessing is pronounced, the young man apologizes for his sudden, seemingly inconvenient request.

"I called some others first because I didn't want to wake your son," the young man says. "Tell your wife that I'm sorry."

The friend assures the young man that exercising his priesthood authority is no trouble, even at 4 a.m., and that the baby was not awakened by the phone call.

"I'll tell my wife 'Hi' for you," he says, "but I won't tell her 'Sorry.'"

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