{LDSL Blog} What Will You Do When You're Older?

It's the classic question. "What do you want to do when you grow up?" I remember my responses: author, editor, marine biologist, teacher, illustrator, heart surgeon, psychologist, and more. Sometimes there were little things I'd counsel to myself: "When I grow up, I'm going to squeeze the toothpaste from the end of the tube," I promised after years of a gummy toothpaste tube shared with four younger siblings.

But now I'm "grown up." Probably most of you reading this are, too. Don't worry, though! You've still got lots to look forward to, and that doesn't necessarily include Depends. I love this quote from Sister Hinckley:

"I decided that if I lived to be eighty-five I would stop counting calories and eat anything I wanted to eat. And I do!

"I would make my mother's lemon pie, but I have quit cooking too!"

(Small and Simple Things, pg. 42)

So, what are you going to do once you're older? Travel the world? Spend more time with your spouse and posterity? I think I'll read every book on my very long reading list and finally catch up.

What will you do?

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