{Lifestyle} LDS Finds on Pinterest

by | Nov. 18, 2011


Oh, you crafty Mormon moms. You are so good at sewing, baking, blogging, and styling; and I am so good at “Pinning.” If we combine our skills, we can rule the LDS domestic world. Here are “our” best pins this week:


Free LDS Prints

Whaaat? This, free? It’s too pretty to be free!


Molly Mormon Pendant

Heck yeah, it’s green gelatin. You’ll eat it and you’ll like it.  


LDS Subway Art

Oh. My. Word. (Literally.) These are so stinkin’ cool. 


Printable LDS Quiet Book

I was so jealous of the kids who read these during Sacrament. 


Missionary Cookies

These cookies have sparkly frosting and everything. 


Ashley Evanson is the online editor at LDS Living. She loves eating Costco hot dogs, Pinterest (addicted!), and watching America’s Funniest Home Videos.

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