{Lifestyle} Photo Gallery: Fathers Rock!

by | Jun. 14, 2012



Father: Jeff Adler

This photo was taken just before Father’s Day, 2006, when we moved our cattle to the mountains for the summer in Malad, Idaho. Our Dad is Jeff Alder. He is the father to Adam (not pictured), Ashlee, Logan, and JeniAnn. Our dad is the hardest working cattle rancher you will ever meet, we love him because he spends hours every day with us, teaching us to work, to be the best we can be,  and above all that family is the biggest blessing you can ever have. 

Just two months after this picture was taken, Ashlee died in an accident. We will forever be grateful for all the time we spent with Dad growing up and for the fact that he works hard every day to make sure that we will be a family for eternity. 
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