{Lifestyle} The Sunday Open House: Yes or No?

by | Oct. 06, 2011


I'm blessing my baby on Sunday and I'm running into a dilemma that has had me fretting all week: Should I have an open house after sacrament meeting, or not? Here's what "the brethren" have said:

"Members and local leaders should avoid practices that may detract from the sacred nature of a mission call or create unnecessary expense, such as holding open houses for missionaries [or baby blessings]  (except for family gatherings), sending formal printed announcements or invitations, printing special programs, or forming reception lines at the meetinghouse after the sacrament meeting" (Ensign, Nov. 1994, 112).

I have people traveling from out of town for the blessing, some of whom are not LDS so I really don't expect them to stay after sacrament meeting; I assume they'll want to leave and go back to my home. I normally wouldn't feel bad about having a family gathering afterward, but my husband and I both have callings. What am I supposed to do, get a substitute so I can have a party? I feel kind awkward doing this, but I really don't feel like I have a choice.

Now here's my other dilemma: open houses for family gatherings have been given the okay, so does this mean all my friends who have come to the blessing shouldn't be invited? I'm not going to turn anyone away if they come, but quickly, my small family gathering is turning into the "after party." You know what I'm talking about. Suddenly the whole primary is running around your house and there are people there you've only talked to once who've just come for the free meal.

What would you do? How have you handled this type of situation in the past? Please, help me out by leaving a comment below.

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