'Mormon Studies Review' is a scholarly feast

The FARMS Review of Books on the Book of Mormon was launched nearly a quarter of a century ago, in 1988. Since then, it has shed that original name (and the acronym ROBOTBOM by which its editors affectionately knew it) to become first the FARMS Review of Books and then, simply, the FARMS Review.

Over the years, the Review has entered controversies with gusto and has garnered a following of readers who appreciate — and a chorus of critics who loathe — its energetic, straightforward and often humorously ironic style.

My late friend Davis Bitton, a leading Mormon historian who himself contributed several essays to the Review, once told me that it contained the best writing currently being done within the church. Another prominent Mormon historian complained to me about it at a scholarly meeting a number of years back: Every time a new issue arrived, he said, he had to set everything aside and read it from cover to cover, which interfered with his other obligations.

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