"My Life Without the Book of Mormon Would Likely Be Over" Members Share Powerful Responses to President Nelson's Questions on Facebook

Editor's note: The following responses have been edited for length and clarity. Names were not included to respect the privacy of those who responded. 

President Russell M. Nelson posed three powerful questions last general conference: What would your life be like without the Book of Mormon? What would you not know? What would you not have?

He then turned to Facebook, asking those same three questions but also looking for responses from members. 

More than 660 responded with their touching experiences, each sharing their testimonies of the power of the book of Mormon.

"One person told me, 'Without the Book of Mormon, I would be confused about the conflicting teachings and opinions about so many things. I would be just like I was before I found the Church, when I was searching for knowledge, faith, and hope,'" President Nelson shared. 

Here are just 15 other powerful responses that show the great, lasting impact this sacred book has in our lives.


I would not know my Savior nor the power of His atonement.

My life without the Book of Mormon would likely be over.  

I was introduced to the Book of Mormon when I went to live with my father’s family. He picked me up from jail when I was 16 and took me home to a family with a step-mother who took me in and loved me. Brothers and sisters who loved me and showed me the way. They lived a life I had only dreamed of. Perfect, no. Rich, by no means. But full of love and peace and purpose. Because of the Book of Mormon in their lives and all the blessings associated with that book my life changed forever.


Without the Book of Mormon, I don't know if I would still have a life. During the darkest times of my life, the Book of Mormon is what got me through. I'm not sure if there are words that can adequately express how much the Book of Mormon means to me. It is my anchor, a source of faith, hope and peace. I look forward each day to that time at the end of the day when the house is quiet, that can read and ponder the teachings in this great book. I love the Book of Mormon. I love how it teaches and testifies of the Savior. I love how it motivates me to be a better person and I love the peace and the perspective it brings me.


Without the Book of Mormon, I would be a cranky mom. When I read it, it gives me more clarity and peace as I go throughout my daily tasks. Without it, I wouldn't know that my baby who died is innocent and is therefore in a state of happiness. Because of Jesus Christ's compassionate sacrifice and the teachings in the Book of Mormon, I know she is well and that she will take her body up again. Because of the Book of Mormon, I have hope. Hope of eternity with my family. Hope of forgiveness as I repent. Hope of becoming something greater than what I could be on my own because of God's grace. Hope of seeing my daughter again in her purity. Death, where is thy victory?


Without the Book of Mormon, my family would not have made it through my parent's divorce in one piece. I would probably not be alive because the Book of Mormon kept me afloat during my undiagnosed depressive episodes. I would not know what hope feels like, nor would I have any hope.


Without the Book of Mormon in my life, I would be very lost. It would be hard to view things in life with an eternal perspective. I also would not know Jesus Christ on such a personal level, nor would I understand the truthfulness of the restored gospel. I would not have the hope it gives me to keep on trying every, single day. I’m grateful for the Book of Mormon and the light and peace it has brought into my life! It has helped me better understand how to be a “True Millennial” as I navigate this exciting and challenging phase of life!


If I didn't have the Book of Mormon when I was 14, specifically 2 Nephi 31:20, I never would have felt God's love for me in such a powerful way, I would have given up attending church, I would never have served a mission, the people we taught who said they were never baptized because they just needed the right set of missionaries would not be sealed to their families, I never would have had the amazing opportunity of singing in Mormon Youth Choir and meeting my amazing husband of 26 years, we would never have been sealed in the temple and would not be raising three beautiful children under the protecting umbrella the gospel provides, I would not have the courage to keep trying on my darkest days, I would not know with all my heart that not only does God live, but he loves us. I would not know how the Savior lived and blessed and prayed for the Nephites and that if He loved THEM that much, he must love ME that much too.


I would be fully-immersed in an “eat, drink, and be merry” lifestyle with little direction or hope. I would not know the joy associated with forgetting myself and serving selflessly (in His cause). I would not have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ nor hope in a glorious resurrection with my family.


Without the Book of Mormon, I would have lived my life taking counsel from my fears. I would not have had the faith to accept marriage or to have children. I am a wife and a mother under a powerful and protective covenant because of the Book of Mormon.


Without the Book of Mormon, I would have so much less power. That sounds odd, but it's true. Spending time reading and studying this sacred book gives me the increased power to resist temptation and to see the hand of the Lord in my life. I literally feel stronger and more spiritually powerful each day I read. Of course, I learn so much about doctrine and the love of God by studying the Book of Mormon, but right now I am so grateful for the strength and power I receive simply by spending time with this sacred book.


My wife and I talked about this for our FHE on Monday. We talked about the knowledge we gain about the Atonement and the Savior. Ultimately, we said without the Book of Mormon, we wouldn't be together. She would have had no reason to leave the Philippines and come to BYU.


Without the Book of Mormon in my life, I would be very fearful living in these times. The Book of Mormon helps me to know that my Heavenly Father has a plan for all His Children And that plan includes me. I love the plain and simple truths that are revealed in these sacred pages. Most of all, it tells me that I need not fear but truth my Father in Heaven and His Son, Jesus Christ. It gives me peace, true peace.


Without the Book of Mormon, my life would be empty, a life without direction or hope.
I surely would not know my Savior and the power of the Atonement.
As I sit here in the SLC airport, my eyes are tearing up pondering what I would not have without the influence of the Book Of Mormon. I once lost this privilege and it left a hole nothing could fill. 
Love the book, stories, guidance, and testimonies of my Savior.


I've been struggling with a slew of temptations over the past several years. After talking with my bishop, I have slowly begun the repentance process. Sometimes I trip, but I always get back up and keep trying.
This past year, I've been really studying the Book of Mormon. Every day, I read a chapter and take notes on something I got out of the passage. Sometimes, it's a full paragraph or two and sometimes, it's only a sentence. If I haven't been able to find anything that really stuck out to me, I turn to the seminary manual on LDS tools and write about something from the manual. I have found the temptations I've been faced with quickly melt away. I find it easier to be obedient and I have a desire to draw closer to the Savior every day. I am a witness to the power of the Book of Mormon. I feel peace and strength from the daily studies.


If I didn't have The Book of Mormon, I would still be bitter and angry at what a person did to me as a child. I wouldn't know how individual the Atonement is, I wouldn't know what true freedom feels like. I wouldn't have a deep love for my Savior. I wouldn't understand who he really was, how complete his love is, I wouldn't understand my purpose here on Earth.


Without the Book of Mormon, I wouldn't know of the eternal nature of families. My father passed away this summer and I had such a feeling of peace and comfort knowing that I will see him again. I'm so grateful for the Book of Mormon and its teachings!
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