“Not lucky, blessed”

Occasionally I will be talking to someone about some fortunate circumstance of my and/or my family’s life, and I will say something like, “We’ve been lucky,” and the person I’m talking to will gently correct me and say, “Not lucky–blessed.” Well, yes, fine, if you prefer: “blessed”–but lucky to have been blessed in this particular way. Surely there are others out there, no better or worse than we, who have not been “blessed” quite as we have.

It would be easy, for example, to ascribe our financial “blessings” to our obedience to the law of tithing, were it not for all those other faithful tithe payers who are still struggling to make ends meet. I trust they’re getting their share of other, less tangible blessings–but this disparity in kind is a mystery that I prefer to call “luck” because it is the term I feel comfortable with.

They say God won’t give us any trial we can’t handle. I’ve often wondered what would happen if God did give us a trial we couldn’t handle. Would we spontaneously combust? I think this is just a cute way of saying that with God all things are possible. It may well be that God is sitting up there in heaven and saying, “Well, the Smith boy should go into remission now because his parents aren’t very strong, but the Jones boy can get hit by a bus because his folks can ‘handle’ it.” Even so, I don’t want to think about it.

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