13 Olympians Featured in General Conference Talks

Olympians have inspired many over the years, including leaders of the Church. Here are a few  whose names and stories have made their way into general conference talks. 

Christopher Fogt

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Christopher Fogt is a Latter-day Saint and Olympic bobsled bronze medalist who competed in the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. He will be competing again this year in the 2018 Olympics.

Elder Gary E. Stevenson praised Fogt's ability to persevere in his April 2014 general conference talk "Your Four Minutes":

“We also remember Christopher Fogt, a member of the team that won the bronze medal in the four-man bobsled race. While he could have given up after a devastating crash in the 2010 Olympics, he chose to persevere. After a fantastic, redemptive run, he won the prize he so diligently sought.”

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