{Poll} Are You a Straight-A Sunday School Student?

by | Jan. 10, 2013


As I sat in my Sunday School lesson over the weekend, an interesting topic arose. Our instructor, a very experienced and proficient teacher of the gospel, asked my class how many of us had read the lesson for that day. A handful of arms went into the air. Mine not included. And I was reminded of what my grandma told me earlier that week.

“This year, I reread the assignment for Sunday School as many times as I could in the week, so that I could get the most out of class. I guess by that count, I read the Book of Mormon three or four times this year. And I enjoyed Sunday School  much more.”

Wise words from a very wise woman.

So I got to thinking. How well do we prepare for Sunday School? So answer the questions below, leave a comment, and tell us how you get the most out of Sunday School!

How often do you read the assignment for the upcoming Sunday School lesson?

Every week
Once a month
A few times a year

How thoroughly do you read the assignment?

I read it all very thoroughly, complete with cross referencing and journaling my thoughts
I read it all, but don’t get a chance to do it thoroughly
I read some of it
I'm lucky if I know what the topic is before Sunday School!
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