{Poll} Are You in Debt?

by | Sep. 06, 2012


We've been counseled by our church leaders to try and stay out of debt. There are obviously good things that typically require debt - education and homes, for instance - but it's important to stay vigilant on the slippery slope to financial ruin. 

Debt is not a topic openly talked about, as it's very personal, but we think it's an interesting topic that deserves discussion.

Do members of the Church have a better understanding and grasp on their finances (after all, we are taught at an early age all about tithing, saving for missions, and providing for our future families)? Or are we just as susceptible as everyone else? Take our (as always) anonymous poll below to find out.

Are you in debt?

No, but I used to be
No, but I will be in the near future

How much debt do you currently have?


Where does the majority of your debt come from (excluding home loans)?

Student loan(s)
Consumer debt (credit cards, rent-to-own, etc.)
Car loan(s)
Business loan(s)
I don't have debt

How has having (or NOT having) debt impacted your life? Leave a comment below.

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