{Poll} Birthing Methods

by | Mar. 08, 2012


We Mormons are in the business of baby birthing. It's not uncommon for a Mormon mom to give birth five, six, seven(?!) times in her life. It's a pretty big deal. There is no right or wrong way to have a baby, just different ones; and with all the moms out there, I'm curious to know which methods are most popular.

For me, I got an epidural before I even got my ice chips. Let's just say I'm a big baby. My personal philosophy (personal, ladies, not for everyone) is I would never ask to have a root canal natural, so I surely am not going to ask to have a baby natural. But I really respect women who do. Truly. That is some serious willpower. I also chose to go the traditional, Western medicine route with an O.B. and in a big, fancy hospital. But I've read that midwives and even home births are increasing in popularity among women in the United States.

Your turn: If you've had a baby, or plan to have a baby one day, what's your personal birthing style?

For moms and future moms, which method did/will you choose when giving birth?

I've had both, I prefer natural.
I've had both, I prefer an epidural.
I'm a man and just want to see the results.

Where did/will you give birth?

In a hospital
In a birthing center
At home
I'm a man and just want to see the results.

Did/will you attend a birthing class?


How do you feel about being induced?

I would never do it.
I would only do it if I absolutely needed it.
I would do it, but would prefer to go into labor naturally.
Please induce me early!
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