{Poll} Breastfeeding in Public

by | Jan. 19, 2012


I am so grateful to be able to give my baby breast milk, and I love that it's healthy, easy, and free. But I'm not so sure about feeding her in public. I understand that it's not indecent exposure; it's a beautiful thing for a mother to feed her child. But I feel so awkward doing it, and I know people around me feel awkward, too.

I bring this up because we recently had a discussion in the LDS Living office about breastfeeding in public. There is a mother in someone's ward who breastfeeds during sacrament meeting. She is very considerate of others and covers herself, but everyone in the congregation can still hear it, and that bothers some people.

The Salt Lake Tribune ran an article a few months ago on a mother who was asked to nurse in a more private area while out shopping (she was not wearing a nursing cover). Long story short, she was in the right and other customers will have to accept it in the future. But is it wrong that I kind of feel bad for those other customers? I know it's not pornographic - I'm a nursing mother, I get it. But I also wouldn't want my husband or a teenage son to see another woman's breast. Is that wrong?

Your turn: What do you think? Am I totally crazy? Take our poll and leave a comment below.

How do you feel about women nursing in public?

It's perfectly normal.
It's okay, but it makes me feel a little awkward.
It should be done in private.

If you nurse/have nursed, what's your style?

No cover needed when I nurse in public; it's natural.
I use a nursing cover in public.
I nurse in a private area.
I haven't nursed, I just want to see the results.

Are there any places you think are inappropriate for nursing?

Yes (leave a comment below of where)
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