{Poll} Making the RM Transition

by | Sep. 27, 2012


Earlier this week LDS Living ran the article How to Transition to Post-mission Life with expert tips on how to make an RM's transition easier. But we'd also like to hear from you about how you or a loved one handled it. Was it similar to our article, or something more along the lines of Kirby Heybourne's character in the LDS film The RM (sleeping on food storage cans because your bedroom was given away), or maybe both? Take our poll and leave a comment below.

How much "down time" do you think is good after returning from a mission?

None at all - jump back in the next day!
A couple weeks.
A month or so.
Longer than a month.

Did you take any personal downtime before jumping back into "normal" life?

Yes, and I'm glad I did.
Yes, but I probably didn't need it.
No, but I should have.
No, and I was just fine.
I'm not an RM, I just want to see the results.

What was the hardest transition for you (or for your spouse/child/friend)?

Making big life decisions
Getting back into school
Dating and the social scene
Not having a daily schedule filled with serving others
Adjusting back into family life
Going back to work
This question doesn't apply; I just want to see the results

Did you feel like you were "awkward" when you came home from your mission (or was your spouse/child/friend awkward)?

This question doesn't apply; I just want to see the results
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