{Poll} Waiting for Missionaries

by | Feb. 12, 2012


I’m no exception; I sent a boy off on his mission with great intentions to wait for him. But I didn’t. I wrote him his whole mission, but got married just a few weeks before he came home. (Something we’re both glad about because we’re happily married to other people.)

Then there’s the other side of the story. My sister was dating a great guy who was ready to marry her when she told him she was going on a mission. He sent her off (sadly, I’m sure), and told her he would wait. And he did. They’ve now been married for a year.

So here’s my question about the whole thing: How do you feel about people sending off missionaries, telling them they’ll wait? Is it fair to the missionary to read distracting love letters? What about for the person waiting--do they feel guilty for dating other people?

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Do you think it's okay to wait for a missionary?


If you have waited for a missionary, how long did you last (about)?

6 months or less
1 year
18 months
The full mission
I didn't wait for a missionary but I want to see the results

If you waited the whole time for a missionary, did you end up getting married?

I just want to see the results
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