'Promised Land' not limited to one area

Proponents of a Great Lakes Book of Mormon geographic model often claim that Book of Mormon prophecies about the Promised Land apply uniquely to what is now the United States.

It’s important to understand a few things about scriptural references to the “promised land.” First, there is obviously more than one land of promise (because both the Old and New World covenant people had such lands). The land could include a large area — or land of promise — as well as smaller sections of lands of promise in a larger area of promise. Thus the Book of Mormon can speak of lands of promise (see 2 Nephi 6:11, 9:2, 24:2).

Secondly, the “promise” was given to the righteous people. As Near Eastern specialist Dr. William Hamblin notes, “The Lord makes covenants with people, not lands. (L)ands are ‘promised’ (or better [‘covenanted,’]) to a people.”

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