'She glowed!' Young woman filled with light before baptism

Recently while on an assignment in Asia, I walked into a Young Women classroom and was greeted by several young women with light in their eyes and magnetic smiles. They radiated the joy and light of living the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I was surprised to be told that one of the young women, Huan Wen Qian, would be baptized the next hour. I was surprised because this particular young woman was already filled with light. She glowed! Her entire family attended her baptism.

She was the first in her family to be baptized into the Church. However, her parents were also beaming with joy because they said that they had always encouraged their daughter to seek good things — things that would help her grow and learn and become all that she was meant to become. Her baptism meant that she had become not only the first Latter-day Saint in her family but also the first Christian.

Her friend, the Beehive class president, had introduced her to the gospel and invited her to activities and to Sunday meetings. She and the entire class were beaming with joy.

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