by | Sep. 22, 2003


Song: # 116 "Come, Follow Me"

Items Needed:

A piece of 1/4" steel screening

Some mixed gravel and sand

A tray to catch the gravel and sand

Lesson Idea:

Use a screen to sift some of the gravel/sand mixture. After you have sifted it, ask the participants how the Savior's sermon on the bread of life (John 6:35-71) is similar to this sifting process.

The sermon separated the people who recognized Jesus as the Messiah and were willing to follow Him from the people who would not follow him. What are some doctrines and teachings today that may separate the faithful from those who are wavering? Why did so many of Jesus' disciples leave Him? Was it that they were impressed only with the physical gifts He gave? How is it today? What about us personally? Do we go to church just to play basketball or to attend the parties, or do we go to partake of the Spirit of the Lord.


Amos 9:9

John 6: 35-71

Alma 37:15

D&C 52:12

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