{Single Saints} Confronting Cupid: For Singles on Valentine's Day

by | Feb. 09, 2012

Single Saints

My original intention in writing this blog was to make a list of things you could do if you’re single in Valentine’s Day to take your mind off your lack of a lover. I meant to suggest that should you find yourself bereft of a boyfriend or girlfriend on this auspicious day, you could bake cookies with your roommates, learn to play the bagpipes, or use the time to finalize your zombie apocalypse preparedness plans. My suggestions were ridiculous—and then I realized it’s because the entire concept is ridiculous.

My suggestions were designed with the idea in mind that if you’re single on Valentine’s Day, you’re missing out—like you’re locked in your room while all your friends are in the middle of a pool party, forced to find ways to entertain yourself in lieu of real fun. Of course we all want someone; we all want companionship and love and babies and chocolates and cuddling and cute little “his/hers” bracelets. But we don’t have to feel excluded. That stuff will come. For now, just have fun.

That’s the message I decided to go with. If you’re single on Valentine’s, there’s no reason to mope. If you have the desire to gather your roommates and watch all of Lost while drowning in assorted treats of dubious nutritional value on this special day, go on ahead. But don’t do it because you’re single and depressed. Do it because you’re enjoying life. 

We can remind ourselves on Valentine’s that our Facebook status perpetually lists us as single, but we shouldn’t dwell on it. It’ll all work out in the end. There’s nothing wrong with being single, and you know it. Have a good Valentine’s Day, and don’t treat your activities like consolation prizes. Maybe you’d rather be dating right now, but until then, live your life. Don’t stare out the window while morosely watching Cupid spread his arrows. Pick up an errant arrow and shove it right up Cupid’s cherubic nose. 
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