“Stay Engaged” in Personal Progress Until 2020, General Young Women Leaders Say

"President Thomas S. Monson once said: 'This is my day of opportunity. I will not waste it.' What a wonderful 'day of opportunity' we have before us. Let’s not waste it! We feel the privilege and call of a living prophet in the last days—to prepare ourselves for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ."

Ours is a global Church with changing needs. To meet those needs, and to help prepare both young men and young women to make and keep sacred temple covenants and act on personal revelation, a new approach to activities and achievement is being developed and will be implemented in January 2020.

Programs and methods may change, but never the commitment to eternal principles. Progression is one of those principles. We, as the Young Women General Presidency, encourage all young women, their leaders, and their mothers to stay engaged in the current Personal Progress program until the new initiative is introduced. Materials will continue to be available through the Church’s online distribution website: store.lds.org. And 18 months is enough time to earn a medallion.

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