“Thanks to God!”

Often religious people make blanket statements that may seem strange to those unfamiliar with religion. A common example is when God is given credit for human accomplishments. The Christian belief in giving thanks and glory to God is seen often in popular culture; as sports figures, musicians, actors, etc. often thank God publicly. On a reality TV program I once saw a religious young woman give God credit for her success in an endeavor. Afterwards they showed a team mate commenting that she accomplished the task under her own power and that she wasn’t giving herself proper credit when she praised God. In essence he said, ‘It’s a shame that she sees it as God’s accomplishment because she’s the one who physically accomplished it, she denies her self worth and abilities when she attributes it all to God.’ (According to my recollection, it’s been years since I saw it.) I can see both sides of this argument.

An article about Elder David Bednar by Elder Henry B. Eyring that I read recently gives some specific insights into how God helps people accomplish difficult things.

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