“The Purpose of Covenants and Ordinances” YW Lesson 17, Manual 1

From my perspective, it seemed like the purpose of this lesson was to teach YW about covenants and ordinances through what they have already experienced in baptism/confirmation/sacrament, and all this as a preparation for the temple. I think that’s a great idea and a great way to prepare them for the temple and the covenants there.

It also seems very effective way to open a space for discussion in the classroom. To that end, these seem like great suggestions on the sidebar for lesson 17: (for anyone unfamiliar with the updated information for the YW manual, let me fill you in: each online lesson outline (at lds.org) has updated material in the sidebars. There are links to recent talks, media like Mormon Messages, additional discussion questions, scriptures, etc. YW Leaders are encouraged to use this updated material.)

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