"This Is the Gospel" Season Two Release Date + a Sneak Peek at the First Episode

You've waited more than three long months for it, and now, season two of This Is the Gospel is almost here! 

You know, the podcast that tells real stories from real people who are practicing and living their faith every day? 

Mark your calendars because it's coming back with new stories and new episodes on Monday, September 30!

And in case you were wondering if season two will live up to season one, or what This Is the Gospel podcast is about, here's a 2-minute sneak peek of our first episode of season two "On the Road Again." This clip is from Retta, a middle school and high school theatre teacher who finally was on the vacation of a lifetime when she suddenly found herself in a precarious situation.  

Excited? So are we. And if you are new to the This Is the Gospel podcast or want to share it with others, here's a refresher on where to find episodes and how to subscribe. 

Where to Find This Is the Gospel


Listen to full episodes, view show notes, and read episode transcripts on ldsliving.com/thisisthegospel. And if you want more, visit ldsliving.com for articles about stories from each episode. Here are a few articles from last season to help you catch up. 

1. Listen: How Someone Who Actively Fought Against the Church for 26 Years Found His Way Back to the Gospel

2. Listen: How the Testimony of a Former NFL Player Helped Make This Temple Possible

3. Listen: "Do Any of You Have the Priesthood?" The Call This Paramedic Will Never Forget

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And hey, while you are on the Apple Podcast app or on Bookshelf Plus, why not leave us a review? Because your review could help someone else discover how amazing this podcast is. But don't take just our word for it, here are real-life reviews people have left us on iTunes.

Found your podcast and I am such a fan! Listening to the actual individuals who have had these experiences and are sharing these oftentimes very personal and life-changing experiences is such a gift. I always feel so uplifted and motivated to do better after listening. This podcast is so well done, even my kids are enjoying listening. Thank you for all your hard work in creating each episode!!


I've seen such a huge difference in my day when I start it off with an inspirational message! This podcast helps me remember everyone has their own trials and stories and I can do hard things! I highly recommend these to anyone at any stage in their life, truly amazing stories!


I love the variety of topics in this podcast. Each with their own stories and ways to inspire us in our every day lives! A great reminder that we can all be a little better, a little more compassionate, and a little closer to God every day! Keep them coming!!


We've probably just made you even more excited for season three and now you are dying to hear the first episode. But don't worry, we aren't going to leave you hanging. Here are the top three episodes from season one to see you through these last five days until season two is released. 

1. A True Change of Heart

When Dusty first came in contact with anti-Mormon literature, he had no idea that his desire to refute it would eventually lead him to become a vehement persecutor of the Church he once loved. What does it take to come back from the precipice of lost faith? Dusty’s unique story of belief lost and found is a reminder that the Savior’s atonement reaches for us even in our seemingly unreachable places. 

2. To the Rescue

A surprising request from a frightened mother reminds Steve that being spiritually prepared is just as important as physical preparation in rescue work; Lindsey feels guided to save the elderly man under the tree but her plans are changed when she realized what she’s really there to do; With a mysterious illness plaguing his wife, Baron’s flagging faith gets a boost from allowing others to serve his family. 

3. A Worthwhile Pursuit

Vai Sikahema was a small boy in Tonga when his family sold everything they had to go to the temple in New Zealand to be sealed. Decades later, that experience helps him be the right person at the right time in a meeting that could very well decide the fate of another temple; When Keala Sikahema decides to put the temple at the center of her family life, she sees its power emanating in ways she didn't expect.

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