"Treat Or Deceit"

by | Sep. 15, 2003


Song: # 134 "I Believe in Christ"

Items Needed:

A plain, drab package with scriptures inside

A beautifully wrapped package with dirt inside

Lesson Idea:

Through this lesson participants will understand that the world offers enticing and beautiful gifts that are really of little value and are disappointing in comparison to the Lord's gifts which are of real value.

Show the two packages and ask the students if they saw both under a Christmas tree, which they would choose. Which would most people choose? (The beautiful one.) Have two students come up and each open a package so all can see the contents.

Discuss how the world often masks worldly filth in enticing packages. Compare how some things in the gospel are incredibly valuable but may not at first appear exciting.


Proverbs 11:18

Nephi 16:38

Matthew 13:22

D&C 89:4

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