'Voice of the BYU Cougars' Greg Wrubell working his dream job

by | Aug. 16, 2010

Mormons We Know

Memo to the teachers at Lord Beaverbrook High School in Calgary, Alberta: Remember the little Wrubell Kid? Surprise! He talks for a living.

Imagine that. They pay Greg Wrubell to do the same thing that got him kicked out of class and sent into the hall.

Teachers couldn't get him to shut his yapper, and now his employers don't want him to.

Wrubell is the Voice of the BYU Cougars for KSL Radio, which means he gets to do the two things he likes most: Talk and watch sports — BYU sports.

This fall will mark his 10th year of providing the play-by-play for BYU football games (and 14th for basketball).

After years of hustling on BYU sideline duty, he was given the play-by-play assignment following the retirement of Paul James, the Voice of the Cougars for 35 years. He still feels as if he's living in James' shadow, which might partly explain the efforts he makes to perfect his craft.

Wrubell listens to replays of his play-by-play calls in cars and planes, looking for ways to improve.

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