'Warm Fuzzies' Movement Seeks to Document Charitable Acts

"Do something for someone else on that day to make his or her life better. Find someone who is having a hard time or is ill or lonely and do something for them. That's all I would ask," said President Thomas S. Monson just before his birthday in 2008, when asked what he wanted as a gift.

That wish has been echoed each year since President Monson’s sustaining as president and prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Now, several years later, his birthday wish has started a movement.

Inspired by the jar of warm fuzzies one ward Primary gave President Monson in 2009 to illustrate their acts of service, Deseret Book has started installing bins made to collect warm fuzzies, or colorful fuzzy craft balls.

Steve Willes, VP of marketing for Deseret Book, described the Primary’s creative way of sharing their efforts with President Monson. “We thought that was a wonderful idea, and a great way to give all Deseret Book customers an opportunity to participate and join what we now call ‘the warm fuzzy movement,’” he said.

It involves just three simple steps: (1) Do a good deed. (2) Bring in a warm fuzzy to a Deseret Book store (or they can provide one for you). (3) Share your story by delivering a note to any Deseret Book store or going online to DeseretBook.com/totherescue.

So what would happen if hundreds, thousands, or even millions of individuals made an extra effort to perform even one additional act of service? The impact would be huge.

“We hope that thousands of customers everywhere will be inspired by President Monson’s example and perform acts of service to others,” said Willes. “For me personally, many of my most joyous experiences have come when I’ve focused on others rather than on myself. Even the smallest act of love and kindness brings warmth to the soul . . . just like a warm fuzzy.”

You're invited to join the Warm Fuzzies Movement by doing acts of kindness and service, and then following the steps and dropping a warm fuzzy into the Warm Fuzzy Jar at any Deseret Book store from now through the end of the year. Virtual warm fuzzies are also available for submission at DeseretBook.com/TotheRescue.

In January 2011, your warm fuzzies will be sent to President Monson.

A simple act of kindness goes a long way. President Monson taught that these acts bless both “the giver and the receiver,” with even one good deed having the power to affect many people. Let’s show President Monson that we have heard his message.

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