“With Radio in Our Pocket”: David O. McKay Envisions Zion

Then counselor in the First Presidency, David O. McKay gave an extraordinary talk at a BYU assembly on January 29, 1935. The full text is posted here; below are excerpts and a summary.

Building on the text that “Zion shall flourish and the glory of the Lord shall be upon her,” Elder McKay invites listeners to consider a picture of the Zion the Latter-day Saints intend to build.

If we have in mind the physical Zion, then we must strive for more fertile acres; bring from the mountains gold and silver in abundance; found factories to furnish more employment; extend in length and width our concrete public highways; build banks to protect, or to dissipate, as has been the case recently, the wealth we accumulate; transform our vast coal fields into electricity that will furnish light, heat and power to every family; improve the means of communication until with radio in our pockets we may communicate with friends and loved ones from any point at any given moment.

In case you wonder whether he was inspired by pop culture, know that Dick Tracy’s two-way wrist radio didn’t appear in the comic strip until 13 January 1946, nine years after this BYU address.

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