‘Work and the Glory’ Author Gerald Lund to Release New Book on Black Friday

by | Aug. 27, 2014

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For years Gerald Lund has captured audiences with his brilliant talent for mixing history and fiction in a way that is both enjoyable and engaging. He has covered a wide variety of events, including the beginning of the Church in The Work and the Glory, the pioneer trek west in Fire of the Covenant and Undaunted, and the life of the Savior and His apostles in The Kingdom and the Crown

His latest series, Fire and Steel, will tackle an entirely different set of events, spanning the 60 years across both World Wars and the Great Depression.  The first book, A Generation Rising, is set to come out on Black Friday this year. It follows the story of the Eckhardts—a family in southern Germany on the brink of World War I—and the Westlands, living in the wild and untamed western frontier of America. Each of them must learn to cope with trials of courage and faith in their different circumstances and struggles for survival.

As the series progresses, the two families are “destined to ultimately cross paths and become inextricably intertwined” as they press forward. This is a series you won’t want to miss.

Look for it starting November 28th at Deseret Book stores and deseretbook.com. 

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Which Gerald Lund books are your favorite?

The Work and the Glory Series
The Kingdom and the Crown Series
The Undaunted
Fire of the Covenant
I like them all!
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