10 Apps That Make It Easier to Live the Gospel

by | Feb. 01, 2018

Mormon Life

6. LDS Tools

LDS Tools

You’ve likely heard of LDS Tools, but what you may not know is that this app is much more than just a directory. Forgot the name of your ward clerk? You can find it by searching organizations and callings. New to the area? LDS Tools will show you which chapels and temples are nearest to you and what their schedules are. Want to be a better member missionary? Connect with your ward’s missionaries and send them a referral. To unlock the full potential of this essential tool, download the app for free on both the App Store and the Google Play Store.

7. Family Home Evening Planner

FHE Planner

The fight that begins and ends with prayer just got a whole lot more peaceful. With the Family Home Evening Planner, your family nights can take a more structured approach—thus reducing the spirit of contention which sometimes accompanies the time that Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin taught was “built to increase . . . family unity.” This app can create and store agendas for FHE, allowing you to plan who’s praying, who’s teaching and on what topic, and—most importantly—what’s for dessert. This free app is available for Android only on the Google Play Store.

8. LDS Scripture Citation Index

LDS Scripture Citation Index

Developed by BYU professors Stephen Liddle and Richard Galbraith, LDS Scripture Citation Index helps you study the scriptures like never before. When you select a scripture in the index, a list appears of every time that scripture has been cited in general conference since 1942 as well as every time it appears in the Journal of Discourses and in The Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith. You can begin expanding your scripture study by downloading this free app from both the App Store and the Google Play Store.

9. LDS Reading Chart

LDS Reading Chart

“It was at that moment that I decided to read the entire standard works from cover to cover.” We’ve all heard this before, haven’t we? Blazing through the scriptures is a common practice of Latter-day Saints, but keeping track of what you’ve read can be a little tricky. With the LDS Reading Chart, not only can you mark off each chapter as you’ve read it, but you can even set a daily reminder to read! This app, perfect for anybody who has ever wondered whether they’re on Leviticus 17 or Leviticus 18, is available for free on the Google Play Store for Android only.

10. Gospel Study Challenge (PRO)

Gospel Study Challenge

Relive the magic of your last Gospel Doctrine class discussion with the Gospel Study Challenge app! This app, available for $1.99 on the Google Play Store (Android), allows you to study the gospel with your family, class, quorum, or other study groups. Study the scriptures, read conference talks, and discuss gospel principles in a structured digital environment—with a little bit of friendly competition thrown in for good measure! A free version of the app, which only includes personal study features, is also available to download.

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