10 BabySteps of Food Storage

Building up a food storage supply can feel like a daunting task. What do you store? How much of it? How the heck do you use wheat? Where do you buy these items? And how do you store it all? All of these questions come to mind when you try to get started. We felt very overwhelmed when we first started too. So we split the process up into ten simple baby steps which will hopefully make the task feel less overwhelming.

Getting Started:
Put together Disaster Kits (including 72 hour kit food kits) for your whole family, have an emergency plan in place, make sure your computer is backed up, and organize your space to ensure you have a large, clean storage area.

Step 1:
Determine which type of shelf system you want to use and purchase one shelf to get started. You can do anything from building your own wooden shelves, buying inexpensive plastic or metal shelves from Wal-Mart, or splurge and buy a fancy can rotation system.

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