10 Examples of People Using Elder Bednar's New #ShareGoodness Hashtag

by | Aug. 22, 2014

News from Utah

In a landmark devotional given at BYU Education Week, Elder David A. Bednar invited members the world over to flood the earth with their testimonies. (The Church handbook has even been updated to reflect this message.)

As part of this initiative, Elder Bednar invited members to "share goodness" through their various social media channels, leading to the birth of a new hashtag trending in the online LDS community: #sharegoodness.

The Mormon Channel helps explain in this tweet: 

Here's what members are doing to fulfill the call the #sharegoodness on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram:

In a week and a bit my daughter will be coming here to make sacred and eternal covenants in preparation for her upcoming marriage. How grateful I am for the beautiful promises found herein and for the comfort and peace they bring. #sharegoodness #provotemple

Life is so much better when we abide in Christ. I know that is true! #BecauseOfHim #sharegoodness

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