10 Small Steps to Having & Being Better Home or Visiting Teachers

The assigned High Council topic for this particular month was Rescue the Lost. The first five points are suggested ways for a family to help their home and visiting teachers be better at what they do. The second five points are characteristics of good rescuers, i.e. home and visiting teachers.

Home and Visiting Teaching

The home and visiting teaching programs of the Church are still a mystery to most of us. And like most of us, you may still be stuck on autopilot. It is like driving to work. You get in the car, back out of the driveway, and once you hit the main road your brain kicks in and you end up at work, having gone the entire distance without ever really thinking about how you got there.

When we go home and visiting teaching we tend to make our once a month visit. We get told that everything is “fine,” then we dutifully report our visits to our leaders. That process is but a skeleton with no flesh. It is not a living thing. Before you think that I am saying there are no REAL home or visiting teachers, please let me clarify that I am talking to the majority of home and visiting teachers, not the exceptional ones. I am talking about myself, Joe Average.

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