10 TED Talks Given by Latter-day Saints

7. Orson Scott Card

Orson Scott Card is the author of several best-selling novels, including the Ender's Game series and the Pathfinder series. In his talk for TEDxUSU titled "Creative Education—How to Keep the Spark Alive in Children and Adults," Card uses humor and his own experience to discuss how rules and form contribute to creative endeavor, but how adult control and homework kill it. He describes how he fosters creativity in his own children, and suggests how these principles might be applied to schools and workplaces. 

8. Dave Vance 

Think humor might enrich your message to the world? Dave Vance thinks so, too. As the second Studio C cast member to appear in a TEDx talk, Vance advocates for the role of comedy in his talk entitled "Pooping Unicorns and the Power of Comedy." He begins by describing how comedy helped him share Squatty Potty's message to 70 million viewers and increase their sales by 600 percent. He then offers three strengths of comedy and three recommendations for using it responsibly. 

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