10 Things People Ask Google About "The Mormons" (And the Answers)

by | Sep. 27, 2014

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Question 8: "How did Mormonism start?"

Answer: It's a long (but great) story.

There are lots of details to cover when answering this question. To begin learning about how Mormonism started, here are a few helpful resources:
1. Visit Mormon.org - "Where did Mormonism and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints begin?"
2. Visit Mormon.org - Request representatives (missionaries) to come teach you about how Mormonism started
3. Read Mormons: An Open Book (details and options to buy here)

Question 9: "Why can't LDS Missionaries swim?"

Answer: Maybe they never took swimming lessons.

The real answer is Missionaries follow a list of guidelines to ensure their protection and one of the many guidelines they follow is to avoid swimming.

Some unofficial, but helpful information comes from the Mormon myth debunking site (think Snopes but for Mormon Topics), HolyFetch.com.

They explain: "Before the advent of modern air travel, all overseas missionaries were required to travel by ship to Europe, Asia, and other foreign lands. Missionaries, of course, bathe and perform baptisms in water. The Church has a general policy prohibiting full-time missionaries from swimming. This is simply a safety precaution to prevent drowning or other water-related accidents. There are a number of other mission rules that vary depending upon the mission. For example, some missions prohibit missionaries from playing basketball or other physical sports. Rock climbing is usually a prohibited activity. Mission rules are designed to keep missionaries safe by preventing them from participating in high-risk physical activities."

Question 10: "What makes Mormonism unique?"

Answer: "How much time do you have?"

We could go on all day about what makes members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the Church itself unique from other religions, beliefs, and cultures.

For starters, we believe God speaks today through prophets just like in the Bible. We believe that our families can live together even after this life. We believe that Jesus Christ visited the Western Hemisphere after His resurrection and that ancient prophets recorded His visit in scripture now called The Book of Mormon. We believe our Church is the same church that Jesus Christ built while He was on the Earth.

And so much more!

Again, to start your journey in learning more about "The Mormons," try a few resources listed below:

1. Visit Mormon.org - Request representatives (missionaries) to come teach you about how Mormonism started
2. Read Mormons: An Open Book (details and options to buy here)

These are just 10 of the many questions people are asking Google about "the Mormons." To arm yourself with the ability to answer questions when your friends or neighbors come asking, try reading The Power of Everyday Missionaries or the missionary manual, Preach My Gospel.

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