10 Things to Remember When Your Missionary Comes Home

The sisters who left for their missions shortly after the October 2012 announcement lowering the minimum age for missionary service are on their way home. The boys will follow soon behind. It’s an exciting time for parents, siblings, friends and Church leaders everywhere.

But the efforts of well-meaning admirers can quickly become tiresome to recently returned missionaries, who might not adjust to post-mission life the way their loved ones expect. Every missionary is different, but here are 10 suggestions for ways you can help make the transition from missionary life to living at home as seamless as possible.

1. Let them talk about their missions — but don’t force it.

Sure, endless mission stories can be boring. But think about it: What if you couldn’t talk about anything you’d done for the last two years? Everything your recently returned missionary has to talk about happened either on his mission or months ago.

2. Reintroduce pop culture gradually.


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