10-Year-Old Boy Sees Heavenly Messenger During Hospital Stay

by | Feb. 02, 2018

Makes You Think

"After a while, I saw this man standing in the corner of the room in a white robe with a beard," Thelonious said, according to WKRG. "White skin, brown beard, brown hair. He smiled at me and it was like I was back in my body. I thought it was really strange but after that, it was just... kept getting better and better after that point." 

A 10-year-old Gulf Coast boy lost one hundred percent of his skin after a one in a million reaction to a common antibiotic.  During his four-month stay at Shriner's Hospital in Galveston, TX, one day, in particular, changed the way he viewed his entire experience.  

Thelonious Ziegelschmid-Sylvester's parents rushed him to the hospital and within hours they learned he had an extreme case of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome called Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis.  His experience with an angel, Jesus or God is different because of the clarity he had and the way the experience seemed to signify the end of his hardest days. 

Lead image from WKRG.com
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