10 ideas for a meaningful conference for children

It's time to gather as church members for the special weekend that is general conference. This can be such an uplifting weekend, but once you put children in the mix, it can be a bit tricky. Here are some ways to make it a more positive experience for the entire family.

1. Talk about it before it happens. At the dinner table, review the Mormon general authorities. Show pictures of the apostles, President Monson and his counselors, so when the children see those faces on the screen they will recognize them.

2. Provide context. In this week leading up to conference, tell some of the favorite conference stories from the past. Tell your kids that President Uchtdorf was once a pilot, Elder Nelson was a heart surgeon. President Packer paints and makes wood carvings. Sister Dalton recently ran a marathon. This will make these wonderful men and women seem more personable when the children hear them speak.

3. Make a special treat or snack. If you will be attending an conference at a building, eat the snack in between sessions. If you're watching from home, set up a small snack table. Have the kids help prepare special conference treats. Maybe it is sliced fruit, pretzels dipped in chocolate, conference cookies or conference cake.

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