100-Year-Old LDS Grandma's Adorable Video on How to Talk to Old People Gets Over 1 Mill. Views

100-year-old LDS Grandma Eileen has been sharing her lovely personality over the internet, giving advice about life with the help of her grandson, Michael Matthews.

Matthews and Grandma Eileen have a long-time tradition of eating lunch at Wendy’s. He loves learning about what is important in life by listening to her wisdom.

On a web page built to help her achieve her 99th birthday wish last year, Matthews wrote:

“Following one of our lunches in October last year I tweeted this photo. Wendy's kindly retweeted it, and she was absolutely floored (as was I).
“Her excitement from this experience gave me an idea for her upcoming birthday on January 10th: Let's see if Wendy's would let her take over @Wendys for her 99th birthday!
“Just one day where anyone can send her questions (using the hashtag #AskEileen) and she gets to share her wisdom.”

As a great opportunity to share her wisdom and humor with the world, Matthews began taking video of her answering life’s questions to post on the internet.

From all this, Matthews has continued to share videos of Grandma Eileen giving advice and answering questions through her 100th birthday this year. Eileen's video leading up to her birthday celebration this year received over 1 million views on Facebook alone. 

Here are some video clips both from last year and this year of Grandma Eileen:

 Disclaimer: The following first video has one use of mild profanity. Watch at your own discretion. 

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