100 days after Haiti quake, LDS relief efforts persevere

Three months after Haiti's Jan. 12 earthquake, the numbers seem overwhelming — a death toll climbing toward a projected 300,000 and a million or more Haitians homeless.

Humanitarian relief efforts by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have resulted in equally considerable totals — more than a million pounds of food delivered and another half-million pounds of additional relief supplies provided.

And temporary shelters built through LDS-sponsored efforts? Just five.

More than 1,000 times that many Haitians took refuge after the quake in tents and on blankets on LDS meetinghouse grounds throughout Port-au-Prince.

Five shelters — it certainly wasn't from a lack of desire or effort.

Nor is it any different than what other charity and relief NGOs — non-governmental organizations — are experiencing in Haiti, said Lynn Samsel, the LDS Church's director of humanitarian emergency response and community services.

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