101+ Easy Ways To Do Online Missionary Work

There are so many ways to do online missionary work no matter how much time you have. This is a LONG post that isn’t intended to be a post so much as it is intended to be a resource to give people ideas of HOW to do online missionary work. I have been in a few wards where the leadership really wants to know what they can do to get the ward going missionary work. Well, here is my answer. Over 100 things you can do right now to hasten the work of salvation using the internet. If you need to know why online missionary work is important, click here. Also, click here to make sure you know what to avoid while doing online missionary work. Now get to it!

5 Minutes or Less
1. Retweet a tweet from Any of the following channels or :

Whatever the latest initiative hashtag of the Church is – which can be found at Mormon Newsroom or LDS Media Talk
2. Follow All of the Apostles and Prophets on Google+, Facebook and Twitter: click here to find a list of all their profiles.

3. Like, repost, reshare, retweet, or plus one any of the posts from any of those profiles. This helps them be seen by more people, and your friends will see your interaction with these good sources and they might just pay attention or ask you a question.
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