11 Beautiful Flower Analogies Shared in Conference to Get You Excited for Spring

by | Mar. 24, 2018


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Seeing Beyond Wilted Flowers

“A . . . group who do not find joy are distracted by magnifying small areas of imperfection so as to drive out happiness. Some have allowed their own perceptions of imperfection to cloud the reality of their lives. An objective outsider observing them would conclude that they should be joyful. But they do not feel to rejoice. They are like the couple who have been invited to visit a beautiful garden. Instead of celebrating the visual feast, they see only the few wilted flowers and weeds and the relatively small areas which are not beautiful to behold. They do not feel the garden meets their expectations. In like manner, they are unduly critical of themselves and of others. They have become accustomed to exaggerating small imperfections and underestimating great blessings and have lost the capacity to rejoice.” —Elder Quentin L. Cook, “Rejoice!” general conference, October 1996

Blooming Memories

“In my garden of memories no rose is more beautiful or fragrant than the rose brought to bloom by my participation in the welfare effort.” —President Thomas S. Monson, “The Bishop—Center Stage in Welfare,” general conference, October 1980

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