11 Frequently Asked Questions about Temporary Temple Adjustments

The following answers to frequently asked questions are intended to help clarify some aspects of the temporary adjustments to temple worship announced by the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles on Friday, March 13, 2020.

1. Which temples are open for living ordinances, and which are closed and temporarily suspending all ordinances?

Temples are open for living ordinances where government or other restrictions do not preclude all temple activity. Some temples are suspending all operations and ordinances due to government or other restrictions on public or religious gatherings. The current status of each temple can be found on the individual temple pages.

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2. Which ordinances are being performed?

For temples that are open, the following ordinances for living persons will be accommodated as capacity permits and by appointment only: husband-and-wife sealings, child-to-parents sealings, and living initiatory and endowments. No proxy ordinances are being performed in any temple except by those attending the temple as part of a living ordinance group. No proxy baptisms are being performed in any temple.

3. How will living ordinances be performed safely to minimize community spread of COVID-19?

Living endowment and sealing ordinances will be scheduled for one family or one group at a time. Multiple families or groups will not participate in ordinances together. For example, if a young man or woman is receiving their endowment, they will be scheduled for a living endowment session where the only members present will be them and those guests they invite, up to a limit of eight guests.

4. How many people can participate in or attend a living ordinance?

The maximum family or group size for a living ordinance is eight (in addition to those patrons actually receiving the ordinance). Please note that there are no exceptions to the maximum family or group size.

5. Will some missionaries enter the field without receiving their temple endowment?

Yes. Based on these adjustments, some missionaries may enter the mission field without the opportunity to receive their own temple endowment. The missionary will receive the endowment as soon as possible at a later date. Questions from members in these circumstances should be directed to the Missionary Department.

6. For temples performing living ordinances, will patrons and guests be allowed to gather outside the temple and take photos after the ceremony?

In many locations, people have been counseled against large gatherings. Members are encouraged to follow all local government and agency guidelines and restrictions to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19.

7. Will temples be able to accept names for the prayer roll?

As long as the temple remains open for living ordinances, names for the prayer roll will continue to be collected. For open temples, we invite you to leave prayer roll names on the message machine or email the names, if possible. For temples that have temporarily suspended operations, names will not be collected for the prayer roll until the temple resumes normal operations.

8. Will distribution centers continue to be open?

In locations where temples are not required to suspend operations completely, distribution centers will continue to operate but will have reduced staff and limited hours. In locations where temples have suspended all operations, distribution centers will be closed. If clothing is needed, patrons are invited to call their nearest distribution center for hours of operation. Patrons going to the temple for living ordinances are encouraged to bring their own temple clothing, when possible.

9. Is temple patron housing open?

No. Temple patron housing is temporarily closed to all members until temples resume their normal operations.

10. How long will these adjustments be in place?

It is not known when all temples will resume normal operations because the COVID-19 situation is still evolving. It is likely that temples will reopen one by one as conditions improve in each location.

11. Where can I get additional information?

This page is updated regularly with the latest information. In addition, Church members can contact their local priesthood leaders or temples (if open) with questions regarding their individual circumstances. Local priesthood leaders can direct questions to their area offices. Area offices can direct questions to the Temple Department. News media should contact the Church Communication Department with all questions.


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