11 Mormons You Won’t Regret Following on Instagram

by | Oct. 17, 2017

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Need that perfect quote for a church lesson? The perfect recipe? Ideas for a new modest wardrobe? Social media may have you drowning (or not) in options to choose from. So where do you go when you feel overwhelmed (or underwhelmed) with social media posts that fit your lifestyle? 

Just follow these 11 LDS Instagrammers for everything your Mormon heart desires. From temples to quotes and inspirational stories to music videos, these guys will give you what you need at your fingertips—literally. 

1. @hankrsmith

If you want to get a spiritual pick-me-up in your Insta feed, Hank Smith is your guy. As an LDS author, public speaker, and BYU professor, Smith has a knack for blending spiritually enriching posts in a way that feels natural and easily applicable. 

2. @ohsweetbasil

If you are sick of the same old, same old for dinner and want something delicious with a unique twist, you have to check out these recipes by LDS cooks Cade and Carrian Cheney. The pictures alone will make your mouth water and your tummy grumble, so make sure to follow the link included in the post to get cookin'. 

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3. @gardnerquadsquad

Okay, okay, what's more adorable than twins? How about two sets of twins.

After battling infertility for eight years, the Gardners were literally one in a million couples to have quadruplets through IVF treatments. Now, they share their adventures through their blog Gardner Quad Squad and their amazing Insta account. 

"The most important work you will ever do will be within the walls of your own home." Harold B. Lee

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4. @rhonnafarrer

If you love the gospel and appreciate quality designs, then click the "follow" button on Rhonna Farrer's Insta account. 

Known for her award-winning apps and creativity as a digital designer, Farrer's Insta account is chalk full of gorgeous designs coupled with inspiring quotes sure to beautify your feed.

Calling all my like-minded #Christian friends! Go follow @MultiplyGoodness & join us- a group of faith-filled women- for a Bible Study group on Facebook LIVE! We will be studying the book of Ruth together this next month & will be gathering & sharing our thoughts & feelings. ____ This group is mixed with uniqueness & beauty- #Lds women & #Christian (yes, LDS/Mormons ARE Christian, & in this setting, it’s the way we are coming together to Multiply Goodness) @emilybellefreeman @nishweiseth @ruthwbr @sistasinzion @misty.maki ______ Our desire is to build bridges where no one really has before. We are feeling like we need to start having conversations about the Word of God in the Bible- regardless of our religious affiliations! As @EmilyBelleFreeman said: This experience is “driven by women who are living ordinary lives and who have the desire and courage to embark on a journey without knowing fully what it is we are entering into, but knowing a lot of goodness will be involved. “—�yup. She said it so well. Join us LIVE Oct. 18, 10-11am MST for discussion & studying Ruth. Think about it: women of faith all gathering together ONLINE to study the Word of God!!! Can you feel it? Goodness- MULTIPLYING as we gather together! Chills! All. Are Welcome. #multiplygoodness #multiplyLIVE

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5. @nathan.pacheco.music

As a Billboard chart-topping artist, Nathan Pacheco has a "passion for reaching out and uplifting people through music," according to his website. But who is Pacheco when he isn't performing at sold-out shows or performing with Yanni? He's out having adorable adventures with his family and sharing awesome behind-the-scenes pictures of his work on Insta that you'll want to check out.

6. @alfox

As an LDS bestselling author, blogger, and award-winning public speaker, Al Fox Carraway has inspired many with her story of finding the gospel and the meaning of true, ongoing conversion. 

And her Insta account is a perfect slice of that same inspiration, giving a dose of spiritual thoughtfulness with each post. 

I thought religion was something people turned to when something was going wrong in their life. And that wasn’t me. I was a 21 yr. old stubborn New Yorker who thought I could conquer the world by myself. I didn’t need help from anyone or anything, especially not religion. I lived the gospel to humor the elders, nothing else. But I changed. B/c the blessings of living the commandments are real. Even though I thought I was happy before, I was shown the greater things. I overcome & I conquered & I THRIVED. I know what life without the gospel is like— I went TWENTY-ONE YEARS without it. There is nothing to really offer to me. Life without the gospel is not glamorous or ‘cool.’ Happiness is fake & fleeting without it. I am weak and not my best without it. The contrast is huge. The difference IS real. Being embarrassed to living the gospel is literally the silliest thing to ever happen. The reality is, God IS real. The gospel is true. And absolutely nothing is worth giving up our forever happiness. Today, right now, even in trials, I am happy. A real, lasting & physical happiness. God already has the way to the best ever created. It’s already there. I want that. I choose God. I choose His ways. I choose His rewards & blessings. They’re real & every day He has shown me that they are WAY better than what I could have imagined. This is real life, guys. Real life strength. Real life promises. Real life God. And if you haven’t yet, give God the chance to show you how great our God truly is. Actively live the way we should to give Him to opportunity to show tyou the better way. Do not lose sight of the simpleness of the gospel. It’s beautiful. Trust God with your life. After all, He’s the one who gave it to you.

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7. @nieniedialogues

In 2008, Mormon blogger Stephanie Nielson and her husband were in a plane crash. As a result, Stephanie was burned on over 80 percent of her body. But despite the pain and challenges that came with her injuries, Stephanie says on her blog she continues to live "a beautiful life." And her Insta account shows it, with inspiring quotes and scriptures mingled with moments of her everyday life. 

For whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: and thy God my God. -Ruth 1:16

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8. @mintarrow

So you want a cute outfit or maybe even a wardrobe makeover but you don't want to break the bank? That's where @mintarrow comes in. As a high-end deal blogger and mother of two, Corrine Stokoe knows what it's like to have limited time for hunting down a good deal on designer clothing. But she somehow comes through, sharing her gorgeous, modest finds on her Insta account. Check it out!

9. @jamesthemormon

If you're a fan of the Mormon artist who topped the iTunes hip-hop chart with his I'm Not a Rapper album, then you need to @jamesthemormon on Insta. With clips of new songs, popular music videos, and some posts that show a little more of his personality, James the Mormon's Insta account is just what you need for your Insta feed. 

To all of you that say I'm not "talented" Also if you're bored we're out here in Oakland by the temple about to do a fireside. Don't blame you if you don't, it's just going to be dad jokes for 45 min.

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10. @sixsistersstuff

So you're busy and it might be easier to hold the world up for a day than cook quality, homecooked meals every night for your family. That is, until you started following @sixsistersstuff. Six Sisters' Stuff, a group of—you guessed it—six sisters, has got your back with delicious recipes that your family will love and don't take hours of prepping and cooking 

11. @bofm365

Need an easy and digestible way to read the Book of Mormon? Look no farther! BofM365 breaks the Book of Mormon into bite-sized sections to read every day of the year with a thought-provoking question to go along with it. You can follow along and read with friends too! The account also post inspirational quotes to brighten your day. 

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