11 Tips to Love Your Spouse into a Happier Marriage

by | Jan. 05, 2015

Mormon Life

I am frequently looking for ways to understand my spouse and find happiness in our marriage. While searching, I discovered something interesting. Happiness in marriage comes from loving our spouse.

I decided to learn more about what I can do to strengthen my marriage. I learned, happiness is tied in to one principle: Charity. Increasing charity for my spouse will reinvigorate my marriage and bring true happiness!

I contacted Dr. Matt Brown who is the Program Director of the Family Therapy Program at the University of Houston Clear Lake and Clinical Manager at the South Shore Center for Couples and Families. He shared with me ways that Charity can bring happiness to marriage.

I have compiled several tips for strengthening your marriage. Look at this as your own personal recipe for a happy marriage.

1. Charity Rejoices in Learning Truth Together

Learning together can be accomplished in many different ways, specifically with quality time.

Focus on intentionally spending time together learning good things. Dr. Brown explains, “Couples who make intentional, daily efforts to connect with each other in small yet meaningful ways generally report happier marriages.” There are lots of ways that we can intentionally learn together.

Application Suggestions

1. Read something fun and read something deep. The scriptures are always great.

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