11 Unforgettably Touching Mormon Moments from 2017

Letter to Mormons from Mom of Another Faith

Renee Tumolo, a blogger atlaughslikethunder.blog, posted a "letter to Mormons" in which she shares a heartbreaking plea for us to share our lives with those of other faiths:

"I would like to know my Mormon neighbors. I would like for us to share our celebrations and mourn our losses together. I would like to enter into deep relationships with you that allow us to celebrate our differences and lift each other up versus silently judging one another from across the street or the backyard fence. I would like us to hug and share dinners, and text jokes, and go to movies, and have pool parties, and discuss politics, and cry and laugh, and live life together." 

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In the letter, Tumolo also shares a list of ways we can encourage our children to show love and be inclusive of those of other faiths. Tumolo's words display a yearning that everyone who has ever been excluded, left out, or misunderstood, can relate to. 

And although it might be easy for each of us to read her letter and think, "Oh, I wish other Mormons would just be nice to everybody," looking back at her letter can inspire us each to leap into the new year with more compassion, charity, and a desire to befriend all of our neighbors. 

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