11-Year-Old Sings Stunning "I Know That My Redeemer Lives"

Lyza Bull is only 11-years-old, but she already has a beautiful testimony and a powerful voice to match it, as can be heard in this beautiful arrangement of "I Know My Redeemer Lives."

About the creation of this video, Lyza's mother, Shaudnee, shared, "From the beginning, we all felt like this video needed to be made for someone specific. We don’t even know who this person is, but we felt that it was for someone who needed to know and remember they are loved, they are important, and that they have a Savior who knows them. So if this video was made for just that one person, we couldn’t be happier. If it was made for more than one person, even better. We want to spread as much light to the world as possible.

"Some people believe that Heavenly Father is in the details of our lives, I don’t believe it, I KNOW it. . . . God is in the details of our lives. You are loved. You are important. You have a Redeemer who knows your name. He is in the details."

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